-Medical travel agency developed  for the development and promotion of Polish medical tourism, addressed a wide range of patients living abroad, opting for treatment in Poland.

 The project is created, we will focus the company around him with the medical industry, actively interested in the presentation and export their services to international markets.

As an excellent platform to promote the most unique medical products and services, contribute to their award against the global competition to reach the large number of customers and gain new customers, guaranteeing the highest package of services.

Our mission:


  • Integration of environmental medical patients seeking to use modern techniques and professional treatment in Poland through institutions and medical centers offering such services!
  • Involvement and participation in the development of Polish industry medical tourism through the promotion of medical institutions and companies operating in Poland in the international arena
  • Developing a broader collaboration with the relevant stakeholders in medical tourism industries in the country and abroad, looking of new solutions for the development of their centers, thus creating a dominant and recognizable nationwide entity.
  • Creating a transparent flow of information and knowledge base of the central institutions and medical centers in Poland for people from abroad looking for this kind of information


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Our activity, focused on the development and promotion of  Polish medical tourism in the world, is based on the creation of an active network of cooperation with medical centers and companies operating in the areas of the medical industry in Poland.

Through this example, we want to promote and complement the knowledge about the high standards of  treatment in Poland by qualified medical personnel, equipped with specialized medical equipment at the highest level.

Therefore, we invite you to cooperate with operators in the medical industry, looking of new forms of development for their companies in the promotion and organization of medical services in Poland  during which we will be able to offer our customers comprehensive solutions and medical treatment  used in Poland.

Medical services conducted in Poland, due to lower, competitive prices, are becoming more attractive for people living abroad who want to undergo surgery or treatment cheaper in our country.

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